5 Amazing Places to Visit This Summer

Have you ever thought of amazing places to visit this summer holiday with your partner?

I have got 5 awesome places that will boost your archive of fun memories with your lover.

Summer travels are sometimes expensive and time-consuming considering the packing, traveling and feeding during the holiday duration.

What if I tell you that you can cut down the expenses and enjoy this summer in these 5 places that are totally mind-blowing? With cheap flights and summer sales flying around, you can easily catch a cheap flight from Lagos to London without spending all your life savings.

I know you are excited to learn of these places I have in mind for you this summer holidays. I am too.

Fire Island, United States
Ever dreamed of spending your summer in new york? Fire island should be the first place on your mind.

Fire Island is a barrier island off the southern coast of the long island with a lot of beach space. You can sunbathe, go boating, camping, fishing and a whole lot of activities.

There is also adventurer programs like touring around the island that is led by park rangers. This is fun because you will have the first-hand opportunity to admire the natures goodness.

You can preferably spend the summer on fire island by taking photographs of the beach environment etc.
Please don’t get worked up on the expenses of the trip because there are cheap flights from Lagos to New York.

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Abu Dhabi is one interesting place in United Arab Emirate. You can spend and create unforgettable memories in beaches like corniche, Yas, Saadiyat and many more, soaking up some rays and enjoying the blue waters.

You can also go cruising and fishing on your visit to Abu Dhabi. There are some water activities, your partner would love in Yas water world which is just a 10-minute drive from Abu Dhabi international airport.

Just as there are cheap flights from Lagos to Dubai, there are some from Lagos to Abu Dhabi.

Tarkwa Bay, Nigeria
If traveling out of the country isn’t your thing, you can still have amazing summer holidays in Lagos’s Tarkwa bay. With a short boat drive, you can check out the beach and have an awesome time with your partner. If you are in Lagos, you can check out these summer sales.

 Fiji Islands
Fiji has a lot of islands that can be explored this summer. with many amazing sightseeing places like the five-star Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay. It’s both Marriott’s first foray into Fiji, and the first hotel on the main island to offer overwater villas.

Other beautiful and exotic places include the Six Senses Fiji hotel that runs solely on solar power thanks in part to Tesla batteries.
There is also the Kokomo Private Island that offers seaplane transportation, private infinity pools, and complimentary nanny services.
A summer holiday in Fiji promises to be exciting because there are many beaches to sunbathe and you have the option of performing other sea-related activities.

Isla Holbox, Mexico

If you don’t want the crowds, then Isla Holbox in Mexico is the right spot to be for your summer holiday.

This is a single small town and less than three hours from Cancun.

With a comfortable weather (under 85 degrees Fahrenheit) and less cost accommodation, your partner has no reason not to enjoy this vacation.

In conclusion, spending time around the person you love creates a strong bond. A summer holiday is a perfect way to bond. These 5 places are my top choice for a summer vacation.

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