Relationship Tips for Men – New Relationship Advice

Relationship tips for men – beginning relationship advice

You got into the post expecting to find relationship tips for men like 10 Dos or 10 Don’ts. I am sorry to disappoint you on this one because this post is about knowing the right thing and starting something real. This is more of a new relationship advice for guys or a beginning relationship advice.

Whichever one you find it to be, remember that we are committed only in seeing your relationship work out just fine.

You should know that being in a new relationship comes with its ginger and stuffs like that. The calls and the texts. Even the time spent together feels like forever but as time goes on, things are bound to change and you know to know this relationship tips for men to hold on tight.

While things change, it’s important to know that it changes according to how you influence the relationship. Your partner will likely act according to how you treat her. If you shower her with love. It is likely that you will get love in return, same with if you always nag at her.

If you just got into a relationship or you are in one already, you really need to see these relationship tips for men.

Woman are been describe in so many ways, some see them as being too demanding for time and material things, but the truth about women is that they are reflections of what you take them to be.

Relationship tips for men 1: Discovering your woman

Women are emotional being this means that they are to be treated with care, love, and support.

Several men complain how woman are self-centered and only care about how they should be treated and care for always.
This might be true in some cases but it needs to be so because when you first met her you gave her your whole time, you call her more often during the day. You shower her with affection like knowing what she had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

With the continuous display of affection, she will carve for these care and you are expected to fulfill them else she sees you as no longer caring.

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Every woman falls for a man who supports her. So if you are wondering why she found her refuge in you, sees you as her supporter, her solution in times of trouble, her power in times of weakness. This because of the tender care you have showered her with.

You can’t suddenly stop caring, stop texting, stop supporting, you became tired and not able to meet up with the pace you started with and yet expect the relationship.

New relationship advice
New relationship advice

You need to understand that she is just a reflection of the treatment you have been showing, what you give to her, she gives back to you, show her care she return your care, disrespect her and she will start losing her faith in you, she will start creating walls of defense before you even get to hurt her finally, because you fail to know she got admirers before and after you. They are hanging and just waiting for you to slip off the track.

The tip here is that you shouldn’t fake it when the relationship kicks-off freshly. Do the things you can do in the next 5 years. Don’t call her every single moment of the day and suddenly stop when you have her as your partner.

Relationship tips for men 2: Maintaining the pace

We understand that relationships do grow old but you want yours to be amazing as the years roll by right? You can do this by maintaining the pace you started the relationship with.

Just as we eat daily to have the energy for the body to work, so does your relationship needs love, care and attention for it to work.

But how can you maintain the pace of what you have started?

It doesn’t mean you call her ten times a day or giving Your whole world to her or going to the extreme end of displeasing yourself to please her. It is important you know that you cannot give what you don’t have.

Maintaining your pace means keeping up to date your love life by discovering new things in your relationship. Try to spice things up by calling her when she expects.

As her lover you should be able to know her schedule, trying to know when she is busy and when she is bored, when she is down and when is up. You can just send a simple I love you text. Make her feel like she is an integral part of your life which she should be.

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You should also admire her whenever you set your eyes on her, speak good of her, respect her feelings and always be there for her when she calls on you.

The effect of these actions will propel your relationship to higher height.

Relationship tips for men 3: Discovering yourself

In the book of Rhonda Byrne which is titled “the secret”, she said the world is a magnet whatsoever thought you harbor are the things that come your way.

She sees things happening in our lives as a result of the thoughts, beliefs or opinions we have held so strongly in the past.

What do you think of relationship? Is it going to be a success or failure?
What do you want from her? use her and dump her? or you have plans of molding her into something great?

relationship tips for men
Relationship tips for men

What can you offer her money or developing her mentally? Try to know her weakness and discuss it in a pleasant manner.
Teach her how to do it in a proper way and mind the way you talk and behave around her.
You should be careful with the kind of friend you keep because time will come, she will want to behave exactly how you behave because she is your mirror.

You need to know what you want, what you can offer and how to go about it because you cannot give what you don’t have, you need to learn new things. be innovative in the way you called her name or treat her, change her pet name, do new things that will keep her wondering that how was he able to do that.

Love yourself so that you can be able to love her, admire yourself so that you can be able to admire her, tell yourself you are beautiful so that you can appreciate another person beauty, invest in yourself so that you can invest in her life, because you if don’t see good in yourself there no way you can see good in her. She is simply a reflection of you.

Relationship tips for men 4: Getting the best from her

A positive thinker surround his or herself with positive people and think good of the others, what impression do you have about her when you first saw her?

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What are the areas you think she needs to be guided? What is she good at doing and try to know the best time to encourage her. At times she is more innovative and productive than what you think her to be, that is why you need to understand her.

You should make effort to know the right time to tell her she can do it, sometimes she just needs to hear the voice of the person she loves to tell her I know you can do it.

Teach her how to do it and if you can’t teach her, get someone to teach her. Learn to appreciate the little she does and she will even want to do better, share the little you have with her and make her understand you can do better than what you are doing if the resources are available.

Try to be sincere in whatsoever you do and when you gain her trust she will not mind sacrificing her happiness to make you happy because she is aware of the investment, time, energy, money or respect you have shown her and she will want to pay you back in hundred folds.

Discuss success story with her and make her understand she needs to work harder to attain greater height in life. Tell her the quality of people you like and I promise you she will want to be and act like those people but always appreciate her and accept who she is, with time she will be exactly what you want her to be.

Relationship tips for men 5: Getting it right

You can’t get it all right in a relationship but u can give it your best. But in other to give it your best you need to know her likes and dislikes.

You get to know her flaws and her strength. Most importantly, know what breaks her down and don’t use it on her as this will cause more harm than good.

It is necessary to know that whatsoever you give her she will give you double, give her happiness, joy, love, and care and she will give you more of what you have given.

Don’t forget she has the power to build and destroy you. It is also important to know that as you are developing her you are also developing yourself because she will likely develop herself if she sees you develop yourself.

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