Romantic I Love You Text Messages For Your Lover

Romantic I Love You Text Messages For Your Lover

You are searching for the most romantic I love you text messages to make your lover love you more. You are right at the end of your search because you will be seeing many romantic I love you text messages for him, romantic I love you text messages for her, romantic I love you messages for boyfriend and romantic I love you messages for girlfriend all in this post.

You would agree with me that love is everything you need in having a perfect relationship. Love begets understanding, respect and many more. When love is true and pure, it lasts a lifetime while when it is based on lies, it crumbles sooner than expected.

Since you understand the concept of love, here are some romantic loving you messages, your girlfriend will love

Romantic I Love You Text Messages – I Love You Messages for Him

1. If there is ever any love on earth, then it’s the one you give to me every day, so pure and unconditional. Nothing else matters to me as long as I mean the world to you. I love you always.

2. You gave me a simple but yet romantic moment when I am around you. There are lots of challenges but you make them look pretty easy to go through. I love you more every day knowing that all our relationship will always be stable at the cord. I can’t love you less baby.

3. I appreciate the time we have spent together. They were filled with happiness, love, and romance in oversupply. You have kept me happy at my moody times and took responsibility for my smiles. You are truly divine.

4. Memorable times fly more than a fighter jet. I recall all the special time we spent in each other’s arms. Those times bonded us and gave me total happiness. I feel complete loving you, it means everything to me. I love you, baby.

5. Your love is my life’s key, it shows me the future we will be having together. Every step you have taken in this relationship has drowned me more to you. Thanks for the calm and surreal stability I feel for the past years we were together. I love you, baby.

6. You showed me how perfect you are by riding through all of life’s imperfection with me. When I say that you are everything to me, I mean that even when I am eating, singing, sleeping, thinking, it’s your face I see. There is no doubt that my heart is forever yours. I love you.

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7. I never believed in fairytales. I felt they were the pure imagination of how situations should be. But, you changed that believe because; you have given me so much care than I asked for. So much love that I can possibly imagine. You are so sweet, baby. I love you.

8. We were meant to spend our futures together because I am yet to find another man who creates this kind of feeling you give to me when we spend time together. You make me feel like a queen and I love you beyond words can possibly explain.

9. My heart rejoices at your site because you have given me the satisfaction I have always prayed for. I love you in the greatest way any woman can love a man on earth. There is no doubt in my heart that you are the one for me.

10. I want to love you with all of me. I want to spend all my memorable times with you. I want a shoulder to keep my head on during the rainy days. Will you be the one to love, be and stand with me all through my life? If you will, I am willing to love you until my last moments.

11. You will always be in my heart even if I can’t see your face in the morning. I will love you more even if I can’t hug you in the evening. My heart loves you even if you are miles away because you are special. I can’t wait for that special day you will be standing in front of my door.

12. My heart has always prayed and longed for a man who makes me feel on top of the world. You gave me so much to smile to within a short while. You love makes life beautiful and transparent. I will always love you my darling.

13. You have imprisoned me in your love cage. You have made my heart grow tender at the mention of your name. Nobody can fill the stereotype spot of being called my man. You are my everything, I love you.

14. You have always taken responsibility for all my needs even when I kick against you doing that. You have always loved and cared for me even when I don’t deserve it. You looked at my flaws and loved me deeply. You are an angel and I love you so so much, baby.

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15. You mean everything to me because your love is divine. When we are together, there is no dull moment and I won’t deny it, I love every moment of it. Thank you for being a blessing to my life. I love you.

16. Your love is special and mind-blowing, stable and sensual, calm and tantalizing. I can’t even get the thoughts of you off my head right now because just the thought of you makes my world perfect. I love you.

17. There is no day I would wake up without saying ‘I love you’. There is no moment I won’t be yours. I love you so much and you know that I do. Loving you have opened my heart, I can feel the corners I never knew existed. You are everything.

18. I am committed to you and our love to be there with you no matter what happens. I am yours for the rest of my life because my love for you will keep growing but will not die. I love you forever my prince charming.

19. I promise you my trust and love. I promise to do my duties as your better half and make you smile even in your saddest moments. I promise to be yours even if the world tries to pull us apart. I love you forever, baby.

20. My Dear,

Loving you has taught me a lot of things in life and I keep learning more and more until my very last day. Your love has given a vision to my blind world. Your love is the reason why a beautiful spring s my life’s only season. Never forget that your love is special, your love is soft, your love is kind, and your love is everything I need on earth. I will continue to love you, with all my strength. I love you, sweetheart.

Romantic I Love You Text Messages – I Love You Messages for Her

21. My angel, I love you so much and my greatest fear on earth is the fear of losing you to another guy. I don’t feel at peace if you are not by my side. The thought of being with you forever makes me want to be alive every day.


22. Your love has placed me in a state I cannot explain. My greatest achievement would be to have a place in your heart where no man can ever occupy. When it comes to my love for you, my heart is engulfed with thoughts that are beyond man and the feelings my mind can’t put into words. I love you so much, baby.

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23. I keep wondering how we grew to love each other’s crazy behavior. I never knew that someone would find my flaws amusing. I thank my heart for leading me to you. Truly, you are the one for me and I love you with all of me.


24. My heart told me you are the one for me because you have done things that melted it and made it your home. The most special moment in my life is when we are silent but still communicates with each other. There is no doubt that the future will be bright for us.


25. You have given me all of your love not for who I can be but for who I am. You have given me so many reasons to believe that in true love once more. Everything you do makes me happy, so I’m calling you my life flower.


26. If you are a rose, I will water you with my love daily and make sure you grow with all the care in the world. But you are not a rose; you are my heartbeat and my girlfriend. As long as you keep beating, I will love you forever.


27. I want to give you kisses and hugs that are warmer than sunshine. I want to give you love that is priceless and rare. I want to spend the rest of my life with you as my better half. Have a great day my dear.


28. I call you my life because you have touched every part of it. I call you my heart because you rule it day and night. I really can’t tell how enough my love for you will flow. But as long as I live, I will love you with my whole heart.


29. From the day I understood that I have an angel as a girlfriend, everything about you changed. The things you do for me won my heart and I can give anything just to keep you in my life forever. I love you my darling.


30. If loving you is confusion, then I am happy to spend the rest of my life in such state because nothing beats the feeling of being your man. I look forward to growing old with you. Loving you much more than I did when we first met.

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