50 Long Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Long Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend: Are you searching for some lovely long messages to send to your boyfriend? We have written a whole lot of sweet long messages to send to your boyfriend even after a fight or on his birthday.

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Long Messages to Send Your Boyfriend

1. Something was missing in my life. I really don’t know what it was, but since the time you came into my life, I started feeling complete.
Yes, that is true, I am only for you. Baby, I love you so much, every time I yearn for your touch. Your presence in my life gives me a new fulfillment. I can’t tell how, why and when all this happened but, feeling of love is felt from the heart.
Now, that you and I are together, we shall never ever part away. I just want to thank you for coming into my life. I Love you so much!

2. I still remember sometimes ago, when I first met you. That particular moment, I realized that you were meant for me. The passion in your eyes creates the radiance on my face. I keep blushing when I think of you. Time has passed, but you still have not changed towards me. I love you more like I always did.

3. I am thankful to you because you made my life such a wonderful place. I love myself because I am in your space. Darling, I want you to know that you are my life’s most beautiful feeling. And, I would like to make you remember something, that I am yours. I love you and will always do.

4. My infinite love for you makes me yearn more. All the desires all the needs and the wishes borne, baby I love you like no one else will do. Our love story was rare, but it is so true. I can still remember vividly that day when I first met you. I never thought that I would love someone so special in my life.

5. You are now a part of me, that without you I won’t survive. Why I love you so much, I also have no clue. But, I just wanna tell that it’s true. I just wanna tell you. That baby I love you and will always do.

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6. I remember the time when our eyes first met. There was an instant connection from both sides. The way you looked at me, I had that first blush of my life. Baby! There is no looking back since then. You have become an important part of my life. And, I truly love you a lot and, I really mean it.

7. There are many reasons why I love you so much in life. But, one important reason that I would like to state is that I am incomplete without you. You complete me in every way. You are my life and the only thing that matters to me. You are the light that shines and will shine forever because you are my destiny. I love you!

8. Your love is like a force in my life. The sight of you makes my day. When we kiss, I feel like I am fulfilled in life. I have that little blush on my face when you talk sweetly. Whenever you whisper ‘I love you’ in my ear, It gladdens my heart. I am in love with you and I will love you till the end of time.

9. The loving look of your face always makes my heart melt. Whenever we come close to kiss, I feel your breath so passionately. When our lips touch, I am in another world of ecstasy. Whenever your hands pull me towards you, I feel so shy. I can feel your love, the love that you have for me, I can feel that magic in your eyes. Baby do not change, I am in love with you. I love you so much!

10. Whenever we are together, my time stands by still. Even when You don’t whisper to my ears, your words touch my heart. When You don’t look into my eyes, yet you stare through my soul. When you do not kiss me, but I feel some magic I cannot imagine. Baby, I don’t know how it happened, but something I know for sure is that I truly love you.

11. Where should I start counting from my boy? you brought so much of joy into my life with your awesome love. From the first day I met you, there is nothing else I can see other than you. All the quality times that I spend with you give me so much happiness. There is some kind of allure in you and that is why I do not want to leave you. My only wish is to stay in your arms forever and think about the Happy lovely life ahead. Baby, I want to confess to you that I truly love you. I love you so much my baby, I mean it!.

12. I truly believe that it takes great virtues to meet your prince charming, you just have to wait for him patiently and see, I now have such a wonderful prince charming like you in my life. I believe in love and attractions of the heart. You came and conquered my heart making me part of you. Baby, I can’t imagine living my life without you. I am and will stay in love with you forever. I Just want to tell you that I love you so much. I mean it when I say that I do love you a lot. Baby, you stay in my thought.

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13. Falling in love with you was a great process. The moment I met you I never knew that you will become the most important part of me. Honestly, I slowly started developing feelings for you. Then I realized that there is some kind of attraction that binds you and me! I realized later that there is something so great about the bond that we share. Over time, I developed feelings for you. Today, I just want to tell you that I am in love with you. I assure you that this love will never change. I am in love with you and will remain in love till the end of time. I truly love you!

14. You know how I truly love you, my dear, I may not profess it to you daily. This day, I just want you to know that you worth a lot than you think. You are like the glitter of a diamond that illuminates forever. You are the light that brightens my darkness. You have a unique role to play to play in my life. I never felt so in love as I felt along with you. Baby, know that I love you. I promise that my love will stay till the end of time. I love you.

15. Before you met me I was ignorant of the feeling of love. Never knew how the chills of love could feel. But, I now know what is love, and that is because of you. Love is an inexplicable feeling, well I know that it is because of you that I feel so in love. My feelings are so pure and so true, my heart beats only for you. Baby, I am truly in love with you.

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16. I feel so happy to be wrapped in your arms, I wish to stay this way forever. Those cute kisses that you stamp on my forehead to assure me of your love for me. The way you stare at me makes me blush at all times. You are my life and you are my world, Without you in my life, I would be lost. Your love has made me a better person in life, I love you so much!

17. I can recall vividly the first time our eyes met and you got me mesmerized by your looks, the first day that you held my hand and I had shivers all over to feel. I remember the moment you asked me out, it was so unique, and that first magical kiss which sealed our love forever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I truly love you.

18. Whenever am with you I feel like some angel or some princess. How do you make me feel so unique always? There is not a single time when we are together and I don’t smile. So many lovely moments with you and so many memories that we make are all imprinted in my heart. Baby, I am so lucky to have someone like you in my life. Someone who treats me like a gem! Please don’t change. For you are my life’s brightest star. Stay as you are, I love you a lot.

19. True love does not consider distance as a barrier, it is beyond everything. What if you stay far, you are and will remain in my heart forever. True love does not see anything else, it’s just about pure emotion. I truly love you and I mean it from my heart. True love will remain till the end of time. I am glad to call you mine. I love you. (Long Message for boyfriend long distance).

20. Each time I see you my love, the deeper I fall for you. With each day and night passing, my love has always grown. From the moment I met you, I knew it was you. I feel so passionate each time I am with you. I love you so much. You are the reason why I breathe. Thanks for coming into my life, and putting smiles to my face. I always glow whenever you are with me, all the time and all the while. Baby, I love you.

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21. ‘I love you’ is a simple phrase with deep meaning. Love is a feeling which is felt from the heart. Each time I say I love you, I mean it from the depth of my heart. That is how it has been right from the start. You are the one I want to spend my whole life with. You are always in my thought. Baby whenever I say ‘I love you’, I really mean it a lot. I can’t think of spending a day without you. I just wanna be with you all the time, by the day. Love you honey!

22. I know I am the luckiest girl on this planet because I have such a cute and wonderful boyfriend like you. Your care and love drive me to a world of fantasy and your kisses to another world of ecstasy. I feel so fulfilled whenever I am with you. Baby! You are my world and I can’t really live without you now. I purely love you. I know I am yours for life.

23. Just because I say it less often, doesn’t imply that I don’t feel the way that you want me to feel. Ok, this moment I am going to confess that I am madly in love with you. Yes! Baby, I find it difficult to spend a second of life without you. You have are my life’s only role and my only way. I love you a lot. I truly love you more than me.

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24. There are a lot of reasons why I love you so much, but the more important of all the reasons is that my life is incomplete without you. You complete me at all times. You are my source of life and the only thing that matters to me. You are the light that shines in my darkness and will shine forever because you are my destiny. I love you!

25. Words can’t really express how deeply in love I am with you. I wish to write a million words for you because I purely love you but time would not be enough to express what you really worth to me. Baby! You are the most valuable thing in my life. Boy! I love you so much and I mean it from the depth of my heart.

26. Your love makes me go weak in the knees. Its true, without your love, I would be nothing. When you talk to me, I feel like I am the most fortunate girl in the planet. Your loving look makes my day. Your one wink makes me feel so wonderful. Boy! You are my world and I want to confess that you will always remain special. I truly love you.

Long Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend After a Fight

After a fight with your boyfriend, there is a need to make up. If you need long messages to send to your boyfriend after a fight, here they are.
Put an end to that fight by sending him one of these long messages after a fight.

27. I am wrong with the words I said but I am the most affected. I am the one asking you to let this slide by because hurting you doesn’t make me feel better. I am sorry for saying the nasty stuff and behaving that way. I wish to make up for my wrongs. I don’t wish to be shattered any longer, I want you back to me.

28. For hurting you, I am the biggest fool. While I never knew that my actions will hurt you so badly, it was never intended to be this way. You are just irreplaceable because I miss you completely. You are the king of my heart and I don’t want this issue to linger any further. I love you, honey.

29. I am sorry for being so naive. I am sorry for being selfish. I am sorry for all my actions and I ask for your forgiveness. Hurting you was a two-edged sword that hurt me while I felt I was getting back at you. I am deeply sorry for my action. Only your forgiveness and acceptance will make my mood better right now.

30. I am sorry for being distant from you. When I hurt you, I hurt myself at the same time. Right now I don’t have peace of mind. I know that I brought this to my self because I should have taken you for granted. I just hope you will allow your loving heart to forgive me. I need you to complete me like you always do.

31. You are the sugar in my tea and the butter for my bread. When you are not there nothing works. I feel so empty right now. Staying away from you have taught me that you mean so much to me than words can say. I want you to forgive me because my wrongs are pricking me already.

32. You are far from me because of my actions and my silly justification. I wish I could take back the hurt I afflicted on you and show you that I love you endlessly. You have no point to make because I accept that I am wrong. I want you to know that my relationship is worth more than being right. Just forgive me, baby.

33. To those days I let my emotions get the most of me, I apologize for not thinking straight. This is no little misunderstanding so I ask for your total forgiveness because I want my man back. I take the blame for making you go away and I want to be wrong as long as you are back into my life. I miss you, my baby.

34. I hurt you, I admit. The guilt of what I did is eating me up inside. My peace of mind is gone as you left. I want you to know that you mean the world to me. What you mean to me, money can’t buy. You bring so much happiness to me and I am tired of missing you, baby. Forgive me for my actions, I truly need you back.

Long Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend on his Birthday

Send a beautiful long birthday message to your boyfriend and leave him smiling to himself all day. That day should be special to him, so make the best of it by sending one of these long messages to him.

35. There is a small place in my heart for you. As long as you keep breathing, that small place will be open for you. I love the man with lots of kindness and love inside of him and I am grateful that life brought us together. To my one and only man, happy birthday and I wish you more health.

36. To the man that has loved me without judging me. To the most amazing person in the world. To my one and only lover. I am wishing you a happy birthday with the most joyous heart in history. You taught me that love is the most beautiful thing on earth not by words but by actions. Happy birthday my love.

37. When I met you, I knew immediately that my dreams just came true and my secret prayers have been answered. You are just special and I can’t believe that someone as special as you are was born today. I could imagine the smile on your parents face when they gave life to the most handsome guy in the world. I love you, baby.

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38. As you add another year today, I want you to know that you have touched my life in so many ways I can’t explain. I can’t just get enough of you because my love for you keeps increasing every passing day. I want you to blow the candle with pride on this day. For me, you have lived a fulfilled life so far and I love you so much. Happy birthday to my sunshine.

39. You fulfill my desires and I feel so complete knowing that you got my back all day and night. I want this day to be a reminder to you that I will love you as long as I breathe. I am wishing nothing but the best on the attainment of your new age. Happy birthday my sweetheart. Every day you spend with me makes my world more beautiful.

40. Happy birthday to the most handsome and most awesome boyfriend of all time. I want you to know that every day is my birthday because you give me the feeling I get on my birthday, every day of my life. I wish I would be in your arms as we make wishes for your new age. I love you, honey. Happy birthday.

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41. I feel so happy knowing that today is a big day for you. It is automatically a big day for me. Here are my wishes for you today. I wish you more charms, more success, and most especially, I wish you the amazing things you wish yourself. Have a wonderful birthday and never forget that I love you beyond words can say.

42. I am excited because I want to be the first to wish you a happy birthday. I can’t wait to see you so as to give you a birthday hug. Today won’t be complete if I don’t give you a birthday kiss, then wrap it up with birthday sex. I just want you to be the happiest guy in the world today. Happy birthday my prince charming.

 Long I Miss You Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Do you miss your boyfriend and want to send him a long message letting him know that you love and miss his presence by your side? these messages might serve you better. Let him know that he is always on your mind.

43. When I say that I miss you, it means that my heart has yearned for you much more than my body can ignore. You only need to look into my heart and know the extent I have missed you because I don’t seem to be thinking of anything else than seeing and being with you. I want you so much and can’t wait to be with you.

44. Saying I miss you is an understatement compared to what really happens in my mind. I am missing much more than my mouth could say. Any day I never set my eyes on you is like an incomplete day. I want to be with you right now because I can’t seem to love you enough. I love you baby and I just can’t stop missing you.

45. Every beat of my heart reminds me that there is one awesome person she wishes to see. I can’t believe I have been missing you for so long. I don’t want to spend another day missing you before I go crazy. I even think I am crazy and the only medicine I need is you. There is nothing that will make me happier than seeing your handsome face.

46. I have this huge hole in my heart which only you can fill. You are the only person in the whole wide world who can give me the feeling my body desires. You are my sunshine and my rainbow. I want to be with you. I just want to love you as much my heart permits me. Keep shining my dear.

47. You cover this emptiness I feel most time and when you ain’t around, there is nothing that engages my attention. You are the person that increases the response of my heart and I am helpless without seeing you all through the day. Come quickly baby, and make me happy because I miss you as nobody could possibly explain.

48. I miss your hug. I want to feel the warmth of your body. The truth is that I want to see your face right now because missing you have become one of the most dreaded activity I wish never to experience again. You are my happiness and my sunshine, I just want you to know that I miss you so much.

49. I miss putting my fingers in between yours and holding you so tight. I usually feel on top of the world when we discuss with my head on your laps. You made my life golden with your amazing love but missing you is the bad part because I don’t wish to miss you all my life even for a second.

50. There is no replacement for you. Even the pillow is cold tonight. If it would be possible, all I want is to have you here with me. I want to place my head on your chest and kiss your lips when my lips feel cold. I want to wrap my hands around you and make sure that you feel the beating of my heart.

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