50 Long Distance Relationship Texts for Him

Long Distance Relationship Texts for Him: Looking for something romantic to send to your faraway lover? Here are some long distance relationship texts for him. Make your boyfriend or husband feel appreciated despite the distance you guys face.

Always remember as you send these texts to him, distance doesn’t really kill relationships. What kills a relationship is lack of communication and lack of communication breeds distrust.

Just as you have seen the major reason why relationships sink, go ahead and connect with your lover by sending these long distance relationship texts for him.

Long Distance Relationship Texts for Him

1.  We are apart right now but our hearts are not apart, the love we share binds our hearts together. Whenever I think of all the wonderful moments we created together my heart cannot help but yearn for more, in my life you’re all that matters and in my eyes the only truth I see. You’re the love of my life, my king and my crown, you mean more than this world to me. I miss the warmth of your embrace, I love you now and always!.

2. Having you in my life is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, you are like a cherished treasure. You bring so much excitement to my heart. You’ve got me drowning in your love and I don’t want to ever be saved, I’m so captivated by the sweetness and kindness of your heart. I will love you for the rest of my life.

3. You’re my real life superhero, I feel so safe being in love with you and I’m so proud to call you my man. I just want to let you know that no matter how far you may be my love for you will never cease, there is no distance that can get in the way of what and how I feel for you. I love and miss you so much, darling!.

4. Hey man! I feel so blessed to be among the lucky people to experience true love, you fill my heart with so much peace and joy. You’re such an amazing soul that cannot be forgotten so easily. A day without you seems like a month, months without you seems like forever, I’m left with the consolation that my heart is with you and yours with me. I am ready to shower my unconditional love on you.

5. I can’t wait to be in your arms and feel your magical touch again, I can’t imagine how terrible life would be without you, you’re my pillar and I love you so much. I will wait for your return, to put a smile on my face once more. You are everything to me.

6. Before now I use to wonder what it feels like to be in a long distance relationship and still be in love, loving from afar isn’t that difficult after all because love is a thing of the heart that surpasses physical affection. You loved me while you here I was the best person on Earth, you gave me your all withholding nothing. Even if you are miles away, I will love you forever.

7. Before you came into my life I was so lonely and sad, you came into my life and showed me what true love meant and assured me that our love has come to stay. You now live in my heart even if I don’t set my eyes on you every day. I miss you, my love, I can’t wait to see you soonest!.

8. Every morning I wake up with the thoughts of you, your name rings in my head, my head is filled with the image of your smiles. I can’t seem to take my thoughts off you, my whole life seems to revolve around you. You make my life feel brand new. You complete my life. I will keep loving you, even if you are far away.

9. your love for me is so pure and selfless. Every second spent with you is like a day that starts brand new, I’m so amazed at all the things you do and I want to build my whole world around you. I promise you forever and always that I will love you with everything in me, no matter where you are right now my love for you still remains. I love you so much my prince charming!.

10. With you I find my strength, with you I can hold on, with you I know I’m covered, no greater love than yours, no one can love me as you do. Even in your absence I still feel your love all over me, you’ve never left me lonely, you’re my sunshine on my darkest days. I will love you with my last drop of blood.

11. Loving you is the best feeling ever that I do not regret doing for anything in the world, you’ve given me every reason to love and trust you. You’re my love, my king and my hero and I can’t stop loving you. I miss you so much honey and I want you to know that no matter how far life may take us I’ll still be here for you.

12. When everything in my life seemed to go wrong, you walked into my life and made it seem right, you came and showed me, love, as I’ve never felt, I couldn’t help but fall more for you. It doesn’t matter where you are right now my love for you has come to stay. It is so big that it can last a lifetime.

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13. My love for you has no boundaries. Ever since you walked into my life, you became an important part of me I cannot function without. without you, my life incomplete. Whenever I feel lonely just the thoughts of you and your love for me puts a smile on my face. I love you.

14. I can’t wait till the day when we’ll be together again and this time around it’s going to be forever. We have a bright future together and this has been one thing that my mind keep meditating on every single day. I want you to know that my love is for you.

15. Hey dude! No matter how I hard I try not to think about you, my mind fails and gets busy thinking of you. The thoughts of you melt my heart, I can’t help thinking about you. Looking at your pictures and the sweet memories we’ve created makes me feel alive, losing you is like losing my happiness. My heart longs for you every single day.

16. I can’t explain how I began to nurse such feelings and right now, I’m envious of the mirror because it’s the only thing that gets to see you every day while I just stay here missing you and looking forward to the day when we will be together again. If I have to climb mountains, cross rivers and oceans just to see you I’d gladly do that. If it was for me I’d love to go everywhere with you. I love you so much, darling!.

17. I’ve searched all over but couldn’t find anybody as sweet as you are. You have been my help in past years and my hope for tomorrow. You have a special place in my heart that can’t be filled by anyone. You’re my favorite man, the man behind my smiles. Our Union was definitely orchestrated by God in heaven, I couldn’t have asked for a better lover. Wherever you are right now, remember that I love you.

18. If I were to pick a lover in my next life I would pick you over and over again. You may be out of my sight right now but you’re permanently in my heart and will never get out of there, I want you to always know that distance compared to what and how I feel for you means nothing. You are my rare gem and I’ll love you for as long as life allows. I’ll always be here for you, I won’t go anywhere that’s the last thing you should worry about. I love you beyond words, honey.

19. As unhappy as I was, you came into my life and filled it with so much love, peace, and happiness. You made me feel like I was in paradise, you elevated my status with your love and made me queen over your heart. Among all the things I’ve got in this life, I’m most grateful to God for bringing you my way. Life may have taken you far but I want you to know that my heart is with you and I don’t intend taking it back. I love you now and always and I hope and pray this lasts till eternity. I love you, baby!.

20. With you, love is perfect, I never thought in my entire life that I’d be loved this much, ever since you came into my life I’ve felt genuine happiness, I’m now in a world of pure Bliss. Right now I crave for your cuddles and kisses, spending time with you is the most enjoyable thing I’ve experienced, I wish I’m with you right now to satisfy my cravings. Everything in me yearns for you. Since I can’t be with you at the moment I decided to send you this message filled with love, I’ve missed you so much and I can’t wait to be with you again. I love you so much, sweetheart!.

21. So rare to find a man like you. Somehow when you’re around the sky is always blue, the way you talk, the things you say, the way you make it all okay. You don’t have to tell me you love me, your actions say it all. I can see and feel how true and deep your love for me is. Your love is immeasurable and too deep to comprehend. Nothing can kill this love.

22. Distance is indeed a barrier but it doesn’t stop me from loving you, there’s no moment that passes by that I don’t think about you. You have captured my heart in ways more than one way, your love has taken over me. Being far away from me has left me longing for your touch, your voice, your fingers are so tender, like petals from the morning dew just a touch from you right now could revive me. I miss you so much darling and I just want to let you know that I’m not going to ever stop loving you, do take care of yourself for me.

23. The sun is far from the earth yet it shines brightly on the earth, you may be far away right now but my love for you has not decreased a bit, my love for you has no limit. It’s a beautiful feeling what we’ve got deep inside, we’ve got a flame that will last forever together with you and me. I love you.

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24. There’s no way we can push what we share away. You’re my dream come true, the man of my dreams. I long to see you every day, to hear your voice and have you cuddled in my arms. I miss you very much darling and I hope to see you soon, I can’t get the thought of you off my mind.

25. I was going through my phone and yet I saw one of those love messages you showered me with. Telling me all those sweet words keeps me going, gives me a warm heart and makes me grinning when I think of you. No matter how much we exchange messages nothing can compare to the feeling of having you by my side, I miss you more than words can say.

Long Distance Relationship Texts for Boyfriend

26. Missing someone so far away from you is so painful and hard. Baby, little things remind me of you and your love, even though we are far apart, your voice is more lovely than the ones I hear every day. I hear your voice every morning and I see you in my dreams every night, I love you very much and I’ll wait for you patiently to come back.

27. No matter how much I miss you, the distance between us is nothing in the face of true love. My love for you will stand the taste of time. I love you so much baby, I hope to see you soon because my heart is wearing out from missing you all the time.

28. The first time we met I never imagined you would mean this much to me to the extent that I’ll Miss you this much. And today I’m here missing you so much and desperately craving your presence, when you’re with me everything just begins to make sense but now that you aren’t here things are beginning not to make sense to me anymore. I can’t wait to be with you again darling, spending the time away from you is like being all alone. I love you so much baby and I hope to see you soon!.

29. Spending the time away from you just reminds me of the amazing moments we’ve had together. You’re the only one that drives my thoughts. No matter how many people are around me I still feel lonely just because you’re not here. Without you, my days are darker, you’re the air I breathe because I can’t live without you.

30. I know the distance is just the test of how love, to see if it can stand the test of time and I so much believe it will. You can’t imagine how I miss and want to see you. I can’t stop imagining the day I will see your cute face, my hero. Do take good care of yourself for me, I love you, always.

31. After all these years apart I still can’t help but miss you every second of the day, there’s no single day of the week that I don’t find myself missing you. Whenever I close my eyes I see you there but once I open it you’re nowhere to be found, I know that I love you because of how much I miss you. You are far away and it is eating me up inside.

32. I’ll stop missing you when we’re together again since we’re not together right now I just want to let you know that the distance between us hasn’t shaken the love I have for you one bit, it’s still strong as ever. I love you very deeply darling, I can’t stop picturing when I will see you.

33. Words are not enough to say how much I miss you, I miss absolutely everything about you; the way you talk, the things you say and even the things you do to annoy me while you were still around. I don’t only miss you, I miss a part me because you’re part of me and I feel so incomplete without you. The day I find myself in your arms, that’s the day I will feel complete.

34. I miss how great we used to be. You may be out of sight but never out of my mind. You represent the light in my life and I have never regretted knowing you from the very first day we met. I love you so much darling and I can’t wait to see you again.

35. You know there is a very huge space in my heart that can only be filled by your love, the distance between us has almost sapped out the happiness in me, my life seems to be incomplete and dull. You’re the only one that makes my life feel bright and colorful. Seeing you will make all my imaginations a reality.

36. I can’t wait for you to be back because your presence is all I need to light up my life. You may not be here by my side, but you’re always right in my heart. I might not kiss your lips when I wish to, but your thought never leaves my mind even for a second. I miss you and my love is for you, always!.

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37. Consider the earth without the sun, you can imagine how dull it will look during the day, that’s just how my life feels without you right now. You have no idea how much I miss you, every moment spent with you is the best moment of my life and moments without you are worse than a nightmare. I will be here waiting for you because I miss you.

38. Missing you is my heart’s way of reminding me how much I love you, whenever I feel that you’re not here I try to remind myself of lucky I am to have someone special to miss. Even though we’re not together right now I know our hearts are still together, I love you so much my prince charming!.

39. You didn’t just go far, you’ve taken my heart with you as well and I’m longing for you. I miss you and your lovely smiles, they are my strength and my every morning dose to keep me going. Checking out our last message and looking at your pictures have been my regular habit these days when I miss you. I want you to know that you are the thing on my mind right now.

40. I smile whenever I remember how good we use to be when you were around. I’m sending you this message just to remind you that I miss you so much and I desperately want to see you because seeing you makes my heart flutter and feel warm. I love you and there is no doubt about it!.

41. You have no idea what your absence has done to me If I could give you one thing I’d give you the ability to see how much I miss you from afar. Remembering all the amazing moments we’ve spent together, every moment spent with you has been awesome. They are the memories that have kept me going.

42. I’m missing all your sweet hugs and kisses and I can’t help but want to be with you right now, I dream about you both during the day and at night. You’re my love, my life, my best friend, my hero, my pride and my everything. Just so you know, when you go away you take all this with you and I feel incomplete. I miss you very much, I can’t wait to see you soon, love!.

43. Those happy And beautiful moments we shared together are my strength and source of hope as well as my weakness, they give me hope and more reasons to miss you. My nights are lonely and quiet, I miss your presence, your fragrance, I miss everything about you. I will pray for your safe return, back to me.

44. You’re my source of happiness and energy, time goes too slow when you’re not around, I close my eyes and imagine your body next to mine. Though you’re far away I know we’ll be reunited once again someday, I miss you baby and I wish you can feel the effect this solitude has on me. I love you, honey! See you soon!.

45. Not having you around makes me unhappy. Each day that passes by, I find myself craving for your presence, I console myself by reading your messages, looking at your pictures and playing your favorite song. I miss you so much and nothing can help my condition right now. I want to be with you, wherever you are, right now.

46. I see your face in everything I do, I hear your voice in every song, everything around me reminds me of you. You’re right in my heart with lots of memories of your lovely face and I won’t let anyone mess with that. You’ll be safe in my heart till I see you again, I love you!.

47. I don’t know about you but as for me, my life can’t go on smoothly without you in it. You’ve become a better part of me, I can’t seem to be happy without you, When I count the Amazing things in my life, you top the list. You’re my joy, my peace, and my hope. I want you to know that nothing changed. You will forever be my lover.

48. Late at night when everyone is fast asleep I stay awake just thinking of you and I wish you’re doing same too, the safest place to be is someone’s heart and I’m pretty sure I’m right in your heart just as you’re in mine. Wherever you may be now I want you to know that my heart beats for you and I love and miss you so much, my king.

49. Although we’re miles apart, the thoughts of you have not eluded my heart. I haven’t been able to concentrate all this while because I’ve been thinking about you and how much I miss you. Missing you always reminds me constantly of how much I need you to survive. You have won my heart right from the first day. I love and miss you.

50. My boy, you’re my world, my king, my crown. You’re my home away from home, I don’t want you to ever forget that I love you and no matter what happens I’ll always be here for you. Do take very good care of yourself for me. My heart will keep beating for you.

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