50 Lovely Birthday Messages for Him or Her

Here are lovely birthday messages for him, lovely birthday messages for her, sweet lovely birthday messages for my girlfriend and some cute lovely birthday messages for my boyfriend. You also get more lovely birthday messages for myself and for family.

I promise you that these happy birthday messages are lovely and your lover will love you more when they get such sweet birthday wishes in their inbox.

Enjoy this awesome birthday messages for your lover.

Lovely birthday messages for him

1. How wonderful it is to know that you were born today. I can’t stop showing my appreciation to you for making me feel brand new with the rise and fall of the sun. Here is another special day to say ‘I love you’

2. I just got another chance to let you know that I love you with every inch of my heart. I can’t deny that your outstanding personality is what made you an amazing person. You are special every day. Happy birthday, my love.

3. When I count the good things that happened in my life, I count you twice. You are a blessing to me and may every day of your life give you more blessing than you can possibly count. I love you so much. Have a beautiful birthday, dear.

4. You are wonderful to the core. From the inside out, you have blown me away. I love you with the all of me and I am so happy I met you when I did. You are the best thing that happened to me. Happy birthday my love. Have a fabulous day.

5. May today out of other days this year be wonderful to you. I adore you with every given moment because I can seem to notice any man who is better than you. It is a bit a difficult to figure out a better way to say happy birthday to the man who made my dreams come true…

6. Your birthday is not just a brand new year for you but a moment for you to smile for you have touched the lives of people around you especially me and I can’t stop thanking God for making me find the most awesome man on earth. Happy birthday my dear.

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7. Let nature appreciate you. let the sun smile at you and the winds sing for you. Let my love for you make you happy because your happiness is the only thing that matters to me. Happy birthday my precious one. Let today be memorable for me and you.

8. Happy birthday to the man who won my heart and showed me how sweet true love can be. You were born on a special day and that makes it a double celebration because you are special and was born on a special day. Have an amazingly happy birthday.

9. Happy birthday my love. I want you to know that nature is happy with you, my parents are super proud of you and aside from being excited, I am super happy to be in your life. I love you, sweetheart. Have a happy birthday.

10. You are happy today but I am happier because you are happy that today is your birthday. This might not make sense to you but your happiness is all that makes me feel complete. I love you my superman and I will always do. Have a bliss filled happy birthday.

Lovely birthday messages for her

Here are the sweet birthday messages for your girlfriend or wife. They are all romantically crafted to make that special one smile.

11. From A – Z, there is no word that can simply describe how much I feel for you. only if you can see my heart, you would understand that every day of your life is special to me. I will always thank God for allowing an angel like you to leave heaven just to be with me on earth. Have a lovely birthday.

12. My love for you will last from now to infinity. I will devote everything I have just to show you that you are my future and your love is the memories. Happy birthday my one and only. You will continue to be outstanding in everything you do on earth.

13. You can always believe me when I say ‘I love you’ because it doesn’t just come from my mouth but from my heart. Thank you for touching many lives including mine. You should be celebrated today and every other day for the rest of your life. Happy birthday.

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14. You have made my world beautiful. I am happy to be spending my moments with you. if there one thing I would love to happen. It will be to share a lifetime with you in my next world. Have a beautiful birthday. I love you, darling.

15. You can always bank on the currency of my love because it will always be there for you when you need it. I want to thank God on your behalf for bringing you into this world and making you the one right next to my heart. I love you my sweety. Happy birthday

16. Today cannot end without me wishing the lady of my dreams a much happier birthday. May every good thing you wish yourself come to reality. Your two eyes are the special things that make my heart glow. Have a blessed birthday.

17. You are worthy of this celebration and even more. Here is my wish for you; may the rest of your life be filled with God’s blessings, may you encounter favor in everything you do. I can’t love you less, my princess. Have a bright happy birthday.

18. Your love is a big badge tattooed on my face. Everyone knows that you are the reason why I keep glowing more than expected. I can’t wish for anything less than the beautiful life you have given to me. Have a happy birthday, my baby.

19. When I found you, I found the one who completes me and makes my life amazing. The thought of you makes me feel like I have felt on top of the world. I would wish you a beautiful birthday and many more ahead. Have a magnificent birthday, my angel.

20. I keep wondering how best to show you how much I love you but yet can’t figure out a fantastic way to let you know that my whole heart beats for you. What you mean to me, words can’t explain. Happy birthday, baby, I love you.

Lovely birthday messages for myself

You might be expecting birthday messages and wishes from your friends or family members. It is not a bad idea to write lovely birthday messages and wishes for yourself.

You might get all the texts, messages and wishes in the world but we think you should wish yourself something nice too. These lovely wishes can be posted on your Facebook and WhatsApp status to make yourself feel special on your day.

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21. It’s my day once more. The entirety of my humble self, the morning sun, the moons, and the gentle breeze are wishing myself the best of today and much more blessed days to come.

22. Today marks another 365 days for me. Officially, it should be public holidays because I have not seen someone as blessed as I am. It will always be smiles and more smiles. Happy birthday to me.

23. I am adding a year today but removing my troubles at the same time. Nothing is making me feel less of what I am supposed to feel. I am going to have a fun filled happy birthday.

24. It’s a special day so you are invited to spend it with me. Let’s have fun because today comes just once a year for me. I can’t stop thanking God for adding another year for me.

25. I am getting older and wiser. It’s a happy day for me because I just added another year to the ones I had before. I wish myself the attention of the whole world. Happy birthday to me…

26. Today should be about me and nothing else because I am such an amazing person the world looks out for. Come lets party like there is no tomorrow. I am wishing myself the best in everything I do.

27. I am growing and becoming more accommodating and understanding. I pray to celebrate more birthdays in strong health and with those who mean the world to me.

28. You might not know but today means a lot to me because it is my birthday. For others, it is an ordinary day but for me, it is a special day that reminds me of my journey of life. Happy birthday to me.

29. Sometimes I imagine how many more years I will spend on earth, and then I realized that no year is guaranteed. Even the next minute is not promised. I just have to live my life the way I see it. Happy birthday to myself.

30. It is a big day for me. Cheers to me for making it round another 365 days to mark another birthday. Today means a great deal for me and I am happy to be alive saying, happy birthday to myself.

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