Romantic Good Night Messages for Him – Good Night Love SMS for Boyfriend

Romantic Good Night Messages for Him – Good Night Love SMS for Boyfriend


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You just found your one-stop spot collection of good night messages for him and some cute good night love SMS your boyfriend will definitely love. These good night love messages can melt even the strongest of hearts and we have craftily written them for you because we want your relationship to keep growing.
Believe it or not, love is a beautiful thing and true love is getting scarce day by day. There are less true relationships and more heartbreaking unions. This is why the divorce rate is gradually going up even in the age of enlightenment and technology.
If you have a genuine relationship, never relent in making it a successful one. I know you are trying because you wouldn’t be searching for romantic good night messages for your boyfriend.


Romantic Good Night Messages for Him

1. I have never felt insecure all my life but now, a day without you is never complete. You are the reason for my smiles and awesome days. I love you so much, good night my darling.
2. The thoughts of you can make my day. All those sweet moments take away my worries and I can’t help but smile silently to myself. If there is ever a duration of my love for you, it will be forever. Good night my honey pie.
3. Everything about you is special. There is never a dull moment or a second of regret because you are perfect for me. I just included you in my prayer because your safety means a lot to my life. Good night my dear.
4. God shall meet every of our need when we believe in him. Worry less about the events of the past and be glad that there is a brand new day waiting for you tomorrow to make the errors of today perfect. Good night my darling.
5. Your happiness is my happiness. Everything that breaks you down affects me greatly. I pray as you sleep, may all your heart desires be met. Your joy will be my joy and your sadness will equally be shared with me.
6. As you place your head to sleep, let go of things that stress you up so as to wake up relieved. I wish you a perfect night rest. Sleep and wake up like a king you are. Good night my royal treasure.
7. Have a sweet night, free from the worries of today and filled with the excitement of what awaits us tomorrow. We will live forever in happiness. Good night my special one, I hope for the best tomorrow.
8. I am available to listen to you when you are feeling down, give you a shoulder to place your head when you feel alone. I am here and will always be there for you through thick and thin we shall make it together. Good night my love.
9. My man, your smile to me is like a rain to the desert. With you by my side, there is no mountain and no challenge I won’t accept because you are not only my motivation, you are also my strength. Good night my dear.
10. I am happy with everything you do and can’t wait to start up something official with you so that I can sleep and wake up in your arms. You are simply the reason for my happiness both day and night. Have a calm night rest.
11. I wish to curl up with you and allow your body warms my skin. I wish to feel your heartbeat because I will be sleeping with the head placed on your chest. But it’s only a wish for now that I hope comes to pass soon. Good morning angel.
12. I want to be in your dreams, doing those fun things we do together during the day. You are my morning sun that I hope to see when I wake up. I will love you till there is nothing left of me to love anymore, but till then, I love you. Good night my superman.
13. As you sleep tonight, dream of all the beautiful things you desire in life. Since they say that the best things in life come with a price, keep dreaming tonight so as to achieve them when you wake tomorrow. Good night dear.
14. There is nothing I won’t do to let you know that I live for you. I can’t wait for the day you will give me your last name to use forever. Because I know that we are perfect for each other. Good night my priceless prince.
15. My love is not priced, so don’t worry about anybody coming to buy my feelings. It will always be me plus you because you are the one I see each time I close my eyes and there is no one I need. Good night to the one that makes my heart beat.
16. You have given me all of your love for free without demanding for anything. I live my life every day knowing someone special somewhere wants to see me smile. You are so sweet, baby. Have a good night rest.
17. You gave something to think about all day and something to dream of at night, I will give you sweet wishes to make your night great and your tomorrow amazing. I am wishing you heaven’s blessings as you rest your head to sleep. Good night.
18. My love for you is non-negotiable. I love you and I will always love you forever. Have a peaceful night’s rest filled with sweet memories of us. I will see you in dreamland. Good night my world.
19. I know we will continue our romance in dreamland that’s why I want to wish you a good night before I close my eyes to sleep. Feel the warmth of my good night wishes and know that it came from the depth of my loving heart. Good night baby.


20. My irreplaceable sweetheart, I am sending this text to you to let you know that I love you and won’t stop until the end of time. As you sleep, know that my love for you keeps growing day by day.

Good Night Love SMS for Boyfriend

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